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From Michelle C. Benson of San Diego California - Head Of "Dollhouses For Kids With Cancer",

Hi friends, I wanted to let you know, as donors that $15.00 will purchase a dollhouse called: "The Primrose" and $30.00 will purchase a kit called: "The Sugarplum" you can see these kits at where I will purchase those kits from. Thank you for helping Marlene and Marie. You will get credit on my website for your generosity.

[Donate Here]

If you want to help Michelle Christine Benson to gather materials and/or transport completed dollhouse kits to young Cancer patients throughout the United States, call: 858-837-4893, or, e-mail: Michelle C.Benson

Official Site: Dollhouse Project 4 Cancer

["Dollhouse" Amazon.Com Wishlist]

[Facebook Group: Dollhouses For Kids With Cancer]

Please And Thank You For Your Consideration.

Featured Star Trek PBEM Sim

General Manager: Elizabeth A. Rahuba

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Santiago-Gonzalez Family Restaurants Of Vega Alta & Dorado, Puerto Rico U.S.A.

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Crystal "Sweetpea" Davis

Video Logs:

Introducing the newest recruit to our global multimedia social network since Jeff Ferguson in Burlington, Mass. Crystal is a fan of BSG, Men In Black, Star Trek, & Star Wars. Here's her latest post to youtube about us.

Financial Help Requested:

Christopher Mulrooney, of "Trek To The Troops", is attempting to get funding to file 'not-for-profit' permits/licenses in California to begin "Project M.E.T.". He needs $400.00 to file the necessary 501c3 license / permit. He'd appreciate any help he can get, so he's asked me to post this crowdfunding link & his facebook address to rally any further help that potentially benefits our service-personnel through his website & any others willing to join forces with him in common cause.

[Trek To The Troops (GoFundMe Account)]

[Trek To The Troops (Official Site)]

[Christopher Mulrooney (Facebook Page)]

World-Wide Web Fanfic Listings:

Click here to access remaining fic sites that range from "Star Trek: Enterprise" to "Star Trek: Voyager" & "Star Trek: Deep Space 9". I combed the internet after the demises of Geocities, Fortunecity and others, in addition to the censorship-laden fandom purge of Paramount-Viacom some decades ago

Nightwing Fic Media E-Publishing

It's here that I design art (novel covers) for "epub", ".pdf" & ".mobi" format e-books; art for use on wattpad, ad astra & other story sharing sites. I ask for a minimum of $20.00 for each project. I'm interested in breaking out of just doing Star Trek projects & very interested in getting into other fandoms/genre's such as Detective Fiction, Young Adult & Adult Contemporary

[Free Epub Converter]

I put together posters for Star Trek youtube fan productions, non-profits and bringing attention to fundraising events (Elvis Impersonators/Tribute Bands, etc.) supporting compassionate-care efforts throughout North America such as helping infants and small children suffering with CHD.

If you want more information, and/or to help kids with CHD, contact: James Cawley, Ticonderoga's Number 1 Elvis Impersonator or Ms. Patty Wright

Nightwing Fic Media E-Publishing also hires budget vans / u-haul trailers to haul away excess garbage such as broken furniture, discarded washer-dryers, and other items not taken away on trash day here in Vancouver/Surrey B.C. Items that seniors & the disabled find troublesome to physically remove on their own.

Or we use monies raised to pay for transit fare to get access to pet necessities, or 'sale-reduced' hygiene/grooming goods & services, fruit & vegetables for low-income/fixed income earners; or, transport cans / bottles for returnable deposits.

if you'd like to commission an art project or you'd like to ask me to design you a logo and/or other merchandise to promote your small business, check out: Nightwing Fic Media E-Publishing (Facebook Group) or if you have any questions, you can e-mail your concerns to Jason K. Hauck or you can donate (cash / personal checks, paypal / interac e-transfers) to:

Mr. Jason K. Hauck

Apt. C36 - 13335 104 Avenue

Surrey B.C. Canada V3T 1V5

Phone: 778-395-4489


[Nightwing Fic Media E-Publishing (Fundrazr)]

[Nightwing Fic Media (GoFundMe)]

[**Download My Resume Here (MS Word ".Doc" Format, Updated: August 12 2013)**]

U.S.S. Enterprise-E

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U.S.S. Lantree

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My Youtube Playlist:

Are you a low or fixed income-earner, & struggle with getting access to healthy food, rent, utilities, transit fare to help get you back to work, a laptop or other tools? Do you need help getting access to funds for a security deposit / pet deposit on an apartment, do you need someone to help you get a new mobility scooter or just fix an old wheelchair / mobility scooter? Do you need to get access to funds for school tuition, and need a place to ask the general internet public for help? If you have a bank account and especially online banking services like TD Bank's Easyweb Service, we can help you get yourself access to paypal & related services to get you donations deposited discretely into your bank account to get you back on your feet.

Join our facebook group.

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P.S.A.: Please Donate To: Wipe Out Homophobia.

Because Compassion's Always In Fashion.

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"Star Trek:Into Darkness" (Fanmade / Non-Official by Jason Hauck
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"Star Trek: Deception"

A Short Fan Film

Jeff Ferguson - Comedian & Science Fiction Enthusiast

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    Lee Gartrell's "Star Trek: The Romulan Wars"

    The ladies and gentlemen of the Discovery, Enterprise and Eagle need your help to keep bringing you quality entertainment so I've brought you their fundraising link, here.

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    ["Star Trek:Temporal Anomaly" Kickstarter Fundraising Campaign]

    [Mark & Jeanne Christopher's "Star Trek: Deep Space Arc"]

    Amber & Jason Mackey-Hauck are a couple from Surrey B.C. Canada & Ridgecrest California, both are 37 years old & experts in 80's / 90's Nerd Culture. Jason is a self-taught website designer & self-employed with odd-jobs & Marketing / Crowdfunding Campaigns, lost his day-job in May of 2013 and looking for another day-job; Amber is studying to get her degree to become a Medical Receptionist, right now, works for Avon.

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